My first blog post

So, here it comes…my first blog post ever! What shall I write about and where to start?
I don’t want to “introduce” myself or something like that. I assume that those who somehow ended up on my website know me – or at least a little bit. And I guess you will get an impression of me through my site also.

I will start right here and today.

I am still in Gambia - have been for almost 4 years now. Together with my boyfriend Joshua and our two crazy dogs Lara Croft and Luke Skywalker.
We live in Fajara, a quiet residential area right at the beach, in a beautiful big house with a huge garden and exotic fruit falling almost right onto our plates. Our internet business is doing well, we have had some new clients and successes over the past few weeks and have been out for celebration-pizza-dinners quite often.

And yet we have decided to go on, move forward and have a change. It is just time to see something new.

That’s why Josh and I decided to go on a trip through Africa – to find the origins of humanity. That’s what I call a mission!

We are right now preparing for that. But how do you do that? How do you prepare yourself for something you don’t know anything about? We have no plans in terms of duration or route. We don’t want that; this way it’s so relaxing! We will go and see how we like places and where we feel to go next. We bought a bus and have slowly transformed it from a blank white big empty vehicle into a cosy little home with character. This way we are very flexible and can stay and go anywhere.

Since we will live in a bus and room is limited we have started to get rid of our things to get lighter and lighter. And we are light already!
We are sleeping on the floor again (mattress sold), working on one big dining table with everyone (desks and office chairs sold) and the remains of our office are sitting on the floor (shelf given away, conference table cut into pieces and built into our bus).
It does look very temporary here which helps to realise that we are really leaving.
Saying good-bye to the ocean will be the hardest part, I guess. Hearing the waves at home and having the chance to be down at the beach within minutes, letting the waves roll over your feet, seeing one beautiful sunset after the other, drinking a cold Julbrew (the local beer) while watching the fishermen bringing in their nets…- ach, that’s just pure luxury!
And we are leaving that to live in a bus, the hottest time of the year ahead of us as well as the rainy season….

It’s going to be great! I can’t wait to get onto the bus and just start driving, stopping wherever we want, seeing new landscapes, hearing new languages, tasting new food, drinking new beers, listening to different animals and birds, meeting new people. It is time and we are ready!

I will use this website to write down some of my (and our) adventures and experiences, thoughts and ideas that will come up during this trip. Depending on internet access, I will try to update the site as often and regularly as possible to put up new stories, photos and videos which I hope you will enjoy. There is a comment box at the end of each post, photo and video which you could use if you wanted to leave me a short note or comment.
I guess I will not do much emailing because it just takes so much time but hope that you will rather come here to my site whenever you feel like checking on how the search of the origin of humanity is progressing…;)

This is all for today but I will soon write more – now that I have crossed the line of putting up the first post!